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Home Staging ImageYour house is your number one commodity. When selling real estate, it needs to be marketed like a product and packaged to appeal to the target market, the home buyer.

I use marketing and decorating techniques to bring out the best features of your home while creating a vision for the home buyer; a lifestyle to aspire to. This emotional connection is what sells homes fast!  Call for a consultation today. 

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Home Staging Services

Consultation and Proposal

I will meet with you to discuss your goals, expectations and how to receive the maximum return on investment for your real estate marketing dollars.  I’ll walk through the home with “buyer’s eyes” and gather those all-important first impressions.   I’ll end with a proposal based upon the amount of work needed to gain a speedy sale and the highest dollar amount for your home.

Do-It-Yourself Home Makeover Report 

The DIY Home Makeover Report is for homes that are well on their way to being staged and just need a little extra direction. This is a great option for anyone who is ready to tackle the project on their own, yet need some guidance and expertise to pull it all together. This customized report focuses on the most important things you should do right away to transform your home into a buyer’s dream, increase its value and obtain a faster sale.

Half Day of Home Staging (up to 4 hours)

This is the most popular service. I begin to make dramatic transformations to the main areas of the home. I use furnishings and accessories you already own to keep your costs low and maximize your return on investment. Sometimes a few key accessories will need to be purchased or you can rent from my extensive inventory in order to complete the look of each room. We will re-arrange furniture, hang artwork and create those “emotional connection points” that buyers are looking for. We’ll finish by photographing the transformed rooms for your Realtor’s marketing efforts.

Full Day of Home Staging (up to 8 hours)

This service is for the home that requires more time and attention and takes place after the consultation. We will roll up our sleeves and spend a full day making dramatic transformations to your home using the suggested recommendations (such as bedding, towels and pillows). These accessories are important to create that “wow” factor. You won’t believe the difference a day can make! Your home will be a “buyer’s dream” and you will have great photos for your agent’s marketing efforts.

Vacant Home Staging

Call or email for a quote on Vacant Home Staging Services, as these prices greatly vary depending on home size.

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