Redesign Services

Interior Designer, Decorator Ridgefield, Danbury, CT

Home Redesign ImageInterior Redesign is the art of taking the furniture and accessories you already own and redecorating a home to bring out its best features and make it more beautiful.

This is different than Interior Design where everything is purchased specifically to decorate a home based on a design plan. It’s also different than home staging, because we use your personal style and taste instead of depersonalizing and neutralizing to appeal to home buyers. Interior Redesign reflects your personal style using items you bought and cherish.

Redesign is also less expensive than interior design, because you already own most of what is needed to make the transformation. It’s a great way to give your home a fresh look at a price that you can afford.

Call me to schedule a consultation: April van der Noll 203 942 3757

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