Preparing For A Professional Home Stage

Let’s face it, the decision to move can be hard.   Many memories have been made in the home and people have a deep emotional connection to the place where children took their first steps, pets have romped in the yard, family celebrations have been held and friends have gathered.   Although the decision to sell has been made based on practical or professional reasons, often homeowners are not yet ready to let go emotionally.  Yet, disconnecting from the home is the first step homeowners need to make in order to prepare their home to sell with a Professionally Staged Home.  Homeowners should try to look at their home as a product to sell.  Home Staging is essentially creating a product that will be highly desirable to the target market.  In order for a Professional Home Stager to create this product, homeowners should be open to the process.   There are a few things that a homeowner can do to engage in the process and prepare their home for staging.

An absolute “must” in creating that home buyer’s dream is to depersonalize your home.   This is done by removing highly personal items like family photos or items that appeal to a very specific taste like collectibles.  A potential home buyer will have a hard time visualizing themselves living in a space that is filled with someone else’s family portraits and ceramic flamingo collection.  You’re going to be moving soon anyway, so you may as well start packing, right?   Well even pre-packing can be an emotional process, but it will help you begin to disconnect from the home little by little.   So go through each room of the home and pre-pack highly personal items.

The next step is decluttering.  This is a very important step because removing clutter makes your home feel cleaner and more spacious for the potential home buyers, or the target market of your product.   The kitchen is a good place to start.  Remove all appliances that are not used on a daily basis, in other words, everything but the coffee pot!  The toaster can be tucked away in a cabinet, as well as the juicer, blender, mixer, electric kettle, etc.  That basket full of coupons, junk mail and bills should be placed out of site.  In fact, all surfaces of the home should be cleared.  This includes the dining table, the bathroom counters, coffee table, etc.  Go ahead and pack away items that you won’t need for the next few months like photo albums.   Throw out old magazines and newspapers.   Go through closets and pack away clothing and accessories that are not in season.  For example, if it is springtime, pack up the winter boots, coats and sweaters.  This will make your closets look more spacious, and believe me, buyers will look inside.

The next step takes you to the outdoor spaces of your home. Curb appeal is very important because it’s the potential home buyer’s first impression.  Before your Professional Home Stager arrives, clear anything from the yard that would distract a home buyer, for example toys, miniature windmills, seasonal flags, unusual mailboxes, holiday decorations, garden statues and gardening tools.  The lawn should be mowed and raked and water hoses should be out of site.  Overgrown shrubs should be pruned, especially if they are covering windows. And finally make sure the sidewalks, walkways, porches and decks are swept and cleaned up.

Now you are ready for a Professional Home Stager to work magic in your home by creating spaces that buyers can connect with and ”aspire to”. Home Stagers have the great advantage of looking at your home from a buyer’s perspective.  We can see a home’s best and worst features, which the homeowner may not even notice anymore, having lived there for so long.  If you can’t see objectively, you can’t “package” effectively. Home Stagers know how to play up the positives and down play the negatives.  We create emotional connection points throughout the home so that buyers can imagine their family living there.  Our experience and skills can transform your home and make buyers fall it love.  That’s why a Professionally Staged Home sells faster and for top dollar.


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