Imagine Your Home Organized

How to be more organized, when it doesn’t come naturally.

Declutter Your Life

O Magazine March 2012

Have you noticed that articles about “de-cluttering” and “home organizing” appear in almost every women’s magazine these days?   Oprah Magazine’s entire March issue was dedicated to “De-cluttering Your Life”.  It must be the new hot topic to sell magazines.  I have a stack of them in front of me, and all have articles about clearing the clutter or home organizing.  The fact is, most people aren’t as organized as they’d like to be.

People really want to be organized and, as evidenced by the plethora of articles, they enjoy reading about it and imagining themselves in an organized home.  But in reality, being an organized person isn’t something you can become overnight.  I know this because I am a professional organizer, but I am not one of those people who must have everything in its place all the time.  Actually, I am naturally a pretty messy person.  Having a bit of a mess around me doesn’t bother me, but having a lot of mess around me, does.  I have grown into a very organized person out of necessity over time.

First, my previous job in sports marketing and event management required it.  Second, I married a wonderful man who is one of those people who has to have everything in its place all the time and despises clutter, and third, I have kids and a busy life to manage.  Over the years, I learned that being organized actually does make my life less stressful and simpler.

If you know where everything is in your home, you spend less time searching for things. Hooks for car keys Also you spend less money, as there is no need to replace what you know you have, but cannot find.  I feel more at peace in a neat and clean environment.  I can actually sit and enjoy my surroundings without guilt or dreading what needs to be done.  And even though my house gets a little messy now and then, I know that I can have it completely neat and tidy in about twenty minutes time, i.e. twenty minutes before my husband walks through the door every evening.

Organized EntrywayIt’s just a matter of creating an environment in your home that makes being organized easy and effortless.  My best tips for obtaining and maintaining organization is 1) structure and 2) habits.  There needs to be structure in every room to promote organization; hooks for back packs that kids can reach, a shoe rack near the door, a basket for mail, a hook for the car keys, etc.

Being organized also requires forming new habits.  You have to make sure that family members are on board with the new system and then enforce it.  Kids learn quickly, so it is just a matter of reminding them a few times and they’ll catch on.  They have to put their backpacks and shoes somewhere, so it may as well be where they belong.

The point I’m trying to make is that even a messy person like myself can be converted into an organized person.  Likewise, a messy home can become an organized home.  Simply put the structure in place and change your habits.   Imagine your home organized.  It can happen.

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