Home Staging Front Porch in Ridgefield

Home Staging First Impressions

The old saying is so true: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  So don’t ignore the front door when staging your home.   Even the smallest of effort will go a long way in creating a good first impression for potential buyers.   Here’s  a step by step guide to make over your home’s entryway.

First you must clean.  This isn’t the fun part, but don’t skip this step!  Remove anything that doesn’t belong like snow shovels or garden shoes.   Sweep the walkway, steps and porch.  Then clean the door with soapy water or, if needed, re-paint the door.   A newly painted door can really add life to the front of your home and it’s such an easy, inexpensive and quick project.  Next, clean the windows to make them sparkle and use a broom to clear away cobwebs.   Spruce up the light fixtures by giving them a good cleaning and make sure the light bulbs are working.   Now for the fun part…

Every porch or entrance can benefit from plants.  Here I used two substantial urns from the garden store.  Since it’s early spring, there is little to choose from in the plant section except for pansies, so instead I went with perennials.  The added benefit, is that after they stop blooming, they can be planted in the garden to enjoy year after year.  Another great plant option for a porch is hanging baskets with seasonal flowers for sunny locations or Boston ferns which grow very well in shaded areas.

It’s important to create emotional connection points throughout the home when staging. This allows the potential home buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.  To that end, we created a small sitting area on the porch with two chairs and a side table.  One could imagine herself sitting there enjoying a cup of tea or reading a book.  Thus, creating the emotional connection you want to achieve.  Be careful that the furniture you choose is in scale with the size of the porch.  If you have a smaller area to work with, a simple bistro table with one  chair would do nicely.  If you have a larger porch, then you may choose to add a love seat or bench along with two side chairs.

And finally, no door is complete without a nice welcome mat, so we purchased a large one that would make a statement.  A finishing touch is the beautiful spring wreath with colors that compliment the plants.

So when you list your house, don’t ignore the front door, stage it!  You can use these simple steps to make your home more welcoming to potential buyers.



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