Easy and Inexpensive Solutions for Organizing Your Jewelry

Earring Display

Choosing what jewelry to wear has always been one of life’s simple pleasures for me.  I always take the extra five or ten minutes to select the jewelry I want to wear for the day.  There’s something about jewelry that just makes my heart sing with joy.   But over time I found myself getting frustrated with the process.

I would bet that a lot of you girls have the same problem I had with my jewelry, which is that I have a lot of it, but it was very disorganized.  Even though I had several jewelry boxes, it was always difficult to remember which one contained the items I wanted to wear.  So I would have to open each one and search.  Plus, having them stored in boxes, I could never remember what I had.   My system of jewelry storage wasn’t working for me.

With a little thought and creativity, I came up with a plan.  I thought you may want to borrow my ideas or use them as inspiration to come up with your own.  So here’s what I did.

necklace storage

First I decided that all of my jewelry needed to be displayed instead of tucked away in a box.  I found an unused corner in my walk-in closet that I thought would be perfect.   For my necklaces, I purchased two inexpensive tie racks for $8.00 each and screwed them into the wall at eye level.  Each tie rack has 27 hooks, so that worked out perfectly.

Earring Displays

Next I got creative a made earring displays with some frames that I had lying around.  I removed the glass and the backs of the frames.  I purchased a 25 foot roll of screen mesh for about

$20 at my local hardware store.  I cut the screen to size and stapled it to the back of the frames, pulling tightly across to ensure that it was taught.  These frames are perfect for hanging wire earrings.  They are Earring Storageso decorative that you could place them on a dresser or vanity using a plate holder for support.  I hung my frames on the wall next to my necklaces and now my earrings are displayed like artwork.

Bracelet HoldersFor my rings and bracelets I purchased black velvet stands from a jewelry display website.  I was surprised that they were so inexpensive.  The T-bars for the bracelets were approximately $7.00 each and the ring holders were about $1.50 each.  These are placed on the top of my shoe rack, just below my necklaces and earring frames.
Jewelry OrganizationI have a lot of sterling silver jewelry, so I needed another solution for storing these pieces.  To keep silver from tarnishing, it must be kept air tight.  Luckily I stumbled across these jewelry hangers at Marshalls for about $15.00 a piece.  Each hanger has forty clear pockets (twenty on each side) that allow for easy viewing, as well as zippers to keep the jewelry sealed.  They are literally on hangers, so I just hung them on the back of my closet door.

Now I can see all of my jewelry at a glance.  No more searching through boxes for me!  My morning ritual of choosing jewelry is fun again. I hope this article has given you some ideas to redo your jewelry storage system.  If you need more information about making my earring frames or about keeping your jewelry organized, send me an email at www.aprilstyleandorder.com/contact.

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